Twin Beach Players

Season Proposal


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Title of the Show:                                                                                                                 

Author:                                                                        Style:                                                 

Company Owned By:                                                 Full Length:              One Act:          


Brief Synopsis: 


Is this production set in a specific season that would need to be produced at a certain time of year?                         Yes                  No

If Yes when? 


What type of cast is this show for?                         Adult               Youth              Full Company


What about this play makes you want to direct it? What is your vision for the production?  

Cast Breakdown:       Males –                                    Females –                   

Any Casting Concerns or Issues? 

Set Breakdown:         How many sets required?                           

Are there any special needs or concerns with the set? Any large set pieces you will need? 

Please include a basic drawing of the set or sets required for this production


Are there any other concerns or parts of your design you would like to share with us?