Content Advisory

Audience and Parental Warning


We at Twin Beach Players assume that the actions and plot of this play are well known to all who have purchased tickets to this production. However, we do understand that the material presented with in this show, and the way we have chosen to design and portray this material would not be considered appropriate for all audiences and/or might not be pleasurable viewing for some audience members. It is an adult play with adult themes, language and content. We have billed it as such in our press materials and we have included this warning in our program as an extra precaution.

Below is a list of content that will be seen on stage:

  • Music with explicit language and sexual content in the lyrics

  • Violent acts of war including a simulated beheading

  • Very intense romantic scenes of love between a married couple

  • Murders of all genders and ages of people will be seen

  • Spooky images projected and in person of ghosts will be present

  • A severed head will be presented on stage, it will just be a prop but realistic

  • Loud and unexpected noises will be played through out the show

  • Flashing lights and visual images will be used through out the production

  • A suicide will be portrayed both on and off stage as well as many scenes of mental illness

If you feel for any reason that this production is not one you would like to continue viewing please go immediately to the ticket table and request a refund. Once the production begins all sales are final, and Twin Beach Players will not be refunding any ticket sales part way through the performance.