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It's a Wonderful Life

Character Descriptions

George Bailey (35-40) – The protagonist. A man who has put his wants in life second, always. A loving father and husband at the end of his rope.
George Bailey (7-12) – George Bailey as a young child, pre-adolescent.
George Bailey (18-24) – George Bailey as a young man off to conquer the world, a man who falls in love and loses his father in the same night.
Mrs. Bailey (40-60) – George Bailey’s warm-hearted mother
Pop Bailey (40-60) – George Bailey’s larger than life Father who is well loved and respected by the whole town. The co-founder of the Bailey Building and Loan.
Uncle Billy (35-50) – George’s Uncle, the co-founder of the Bailey Building and Loan. He is not as smart as Pop Bailey, but he is fun and faithful.
Cousin Tilly (30-40) – George’s cousin.
Cousin Eustace (20-40) – George’s cousin.
Mary Bailey (35-40) – The female lead, the loving wife of George Bailey and mother of their three children.
Mary Bailey (7-12) – Mary Bailey as a young child, pre-adolescent.
Mary Bailey (18-24) – Mary Bailey as a young woman about to leave for college falling in love with George, (must do a scene in a small bathrobe).
Pete (10-14) – George and Mary’s oldest son.
Janie (7-9) – George and Mary’s middle child.
Zuzu (5-6) – George and Mary’s youngest daughter.
Clarence (adult male) – A low ranking angel trying to get his wings who comes to help George Bailey.
Jo (teenage-adult) – A much more senior angel.
Frankie (teenage-adult) – The most senior angel.
Annie (25-40) – The maid for Ma and Pop Bailey.
Harry Bailey (18-25) – Brother of George Bailey and a fun-loving football star.
Harry Bailey (5-6) – Brother of George Bailey who falls in the pond, (this part will need to get wet in costume every night).
Ruth Bailey (20’s) – Harry’s wife
Sam Wainwright (18-25) – George’s high school friend and successful businessman.
Sam Wainwright (7-12) – George’s trouble making friend.
Jane Wainwright (20’s) – Sam’s wife.
Marty Hatch (18-20) – Classmate of George, older brother of Mary.
Marty Hatch (7-12) – Classmate of George.
Mrs. Hatch (40’s) – Mary’s mother.
Mr. Partridge (40-60) – The high school principal.
Violet Brick (18-30) – The prettiest girl in town, who, as an adult, falls on hard times.
Violet Brick (7-12) – A pretty and confident young lady.
Freddie (teenager) – An unappealing young man.
Mickey (teenager) – A trouble maker.
Mr. Potter (50-70) – The most powerful business man in town, the villain on the show.
Attendant to Mr. Potter – Always around but often silent.
Rent Collector (adult) – An employee of Mr. Potter, big guy, like a bouncer.
Secretary (adult) – An employee of Mr. Potter.
Bert (25-40) – A fun loving cop and friend of George.
Ernie (25-40) – A sweet hearted cabbie and friend of George.
Mr. Carter (30-60) – A humorless bank examiner.
Mr. Gower (35-60) – The owner of the drug store, with a particularly emotional moment, he hits George in a drunken moment and then cries. A small but important role.
Mr. Martini (35-50) – Owner of the Tavern.
Maria Martini (30-45) – Wife to Mr. Martini.
Martini Children – Various children of all ages.
Flo (adult) – A luggage vendor.
Jake (teen to adult) – A dubious workman.
Mr. Welch (adult) – The understandably belligerent husband of Zuzu’s teacher. Will need to do light stage fighting.
Nick (adult) – A surly bartender.
Bouncer 1 (adult) – A large bouncer.
Bouncer 2 (adult) – A large bouncer.
Watchman (teen-adult) – Person who guards the bridge.
Horace (teen-adult) – A bank teller.
Baldman (adult) – A very frustrated fellow.
Random Guy 1 (teen) – A suitor to Violet.
Random Guy 2 (teen) – A suitor to Violet.
Sheriff (adult)  
Photographer (teen-adult)
Directors of the Baily Business and Loan:
Dr. Campbell & three others
Customers of the Bailey Business and Loan:
Charlie Randall
Edna Mrs. Thompson
Tom Miss Davis

September 30th 1:00pm – 4:00pm 
October 1st 6:30pm – 8:30p


Everyone is welcome to attend our upcoming auditions for our Christmas production of “It’s a Wonderful Life!” The play is adapted by Doug Rand; from the screenplay by Frances Goodrich and Frank Capra. The show will be Directed by Rachel Clites Cruz and the show dates are November 30, 2018 through December 16, 2018. Friday and Saturday performances will start at 8:00 PM and Sunday performances will start at 3:00. 

Based on one of the most acclaimed films of all time, this stage adaptation stays as true to the film as possible. With a possible cast of 70 characters there is room for everyone on this fun and family friendly show. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is the tale of George Bailey. George lived a life filled with triumphs, trials, love and loss, but most of all, he lived a life for others. This is the story of how, in his darkest hour, an angel in training comes to show him the way and remind him that every life has meaning. It’s not only a joyful Christmas tale — it’s the gorgeous love story of George and Mary Bailey, a vivid portrait of the Greatest Generation, a descent into the darkest hour of a man trapped by circumstance, and a powerful meditation on what makes a meaningful life.