Did you ever want to write a play? If so, consider entering our contest!

What to do:

A completed and signed entry form must accompany each play.  Plays will be performed by youth troupe actors, auditions will be in beginning of June and play will take place over 2 weekends in August. (check our website and/or facebook page,


1.       Name, grade, address, phone number, and title must also be on outside title page only.  Pages of play should be numbered and include name of play only.  Be sure to number pages and secure script in a folder if mailing it to Twin Beach Players.  Please keep a copy of your play. 

2.       Type script if possible. Plays handwritten or printed in ink will be accepted if easily readable. No pencils, please! Make sure proper spelling and grammar are used. Avoid too many scene changes to help your work stay in the proper suggested lengths of a play. 

3.       Play must be the original work of one student submitting it. No collaborations. No adaptations. Adults may give advice on general terms about dramatic form, but all action, characters, and dialogue must be solely the work of one student. 

4.       Festival is limited to non-musical plays (but scripts may call for brief music or song as part of action.) Otherwise plays may be of any kind (comedy, drama, science fiction, mystery, fantasy, etc.) on any subject, and in any number of scenes. 

5.       Approximate playing times are suggested as guidelines for each division. The judges reserve the right to award prizes to outstanding plays that do not fall within these guidelines, but lengthy plays cannot be produced. 


Suggested Length of Plays:

Elementary School: 3-15 minutes 

Middle School: 7-20 minutes 

High School: 10-25 minutes 

7.                   Entries must be postmarked by April 15, 2022. 

8.                   Festival is open to all Maryland State students, public, private, and home-schooled. 

9.                   We regret that we cannot acknowledge receipt of your play, but winners will be notified              no later than June 1, 2022. 

10.               Each play will be read by a panel of at least three judges. 

11.               Prizes will be awarded based on imagination and human values, as well as playwriting skill.          The age and grade of the playwright will be taken into consideration by the judges. 

12.               All winners will be awarded $100.00 and the plays will be produced by Twin Beach Players.