Time Machine

The Time Machine is HG Wells’ classic tale about a Victorian inventor who builds a time machine he uses to visit the far future. There, he discovers that progress does not lead to a perfect world. Instead, he finds the future populated by two races. Above ground live the Eloi, a gentle, childish people, whose lives appears to be free of struggle. However, below ground lives the Morlocks, whom the Time Traveller discovers care for the Eloi like cattle to be preyed on for food. When the Morlocks steal his time machine, the Time Traveller must fight not only to return to his own time, but to save the future. Be advised: This show will have state of the art creature effects which may be too scary for small children.

Show Dates

October 19, 2018


October 28, 2018

Show Times

Friday and Saturday - 8:00pm | Sunday 3:00pm


9021 Dayton Avenue North Beach MD, 20714