Auditions for this world premiere show are this Sunday. Everyone cast in our show will be immortalized as role originators in every script purchased til the end of time. And, if that wasn’t cool enough, we will have a mind blowing set, cool special effects, and fantastic music! What’s not to love?!! This is a stage adaptation of the 1895 classic novella by H.G. Wells, the father of science fiction. The piece is adapted by local playwright Mark Scharf. The play tells the story of the Time Traveler as he recounts it himself to his friends at a dinner club. We follow his journey into the future as he witness the changes time creates. Culminating in his interactions with the futuristic Morlocks and Eloi. Two races divided over time and warring over their futures. Auditions are open to all ages, but adults preferred. Speaking roles will be all adults and older teens. But, is open to a few younger ones to play the future race of Eloi. There will be some non-speaking roles for Eloi and our 8 Morlock creatures! These are cold auditions with readings from the script. No prepared readings necessary. Please bring a photo of yourself to the audition. If you do not have a photo, we will be able to take one for you. Please come with all your conflicts between the audition date and the show dates, October 19-26. All technical rehearsals, October 13 -18, and show dates, October 19-26, are mandatory. If you would like more information to prepare for these auditions we suggest you pick up a copy of the original H.G. Wells novella The Time Machine.

Show Dates

Weekends Oct. 19-28 Show at 8:00 pm fri and sat 3:00 pm Sun